Growing up, I guess you can say I was a pretty school spirited kid. I loved getting involved in various clubs, pep rallies, you name it.

Knowing that fact, you won't be too surprised to hear that I also LOVED the school dances. Albeit, I wasn't a huge fan of the random high school dances. You know, the one's that aren't the BIG dance that pertains to whatever grade you're in? Yeah, not those dances...

I'm referring to the legendary formals like MORP (freshman formal), Cotillion (sophomore year), then, of course, junior and senior prom.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a wild and crazy partier in high school or anything. I participated in that fun, yes, but I wouldn't deem myself as one of the hardcore party kids. So, no, prom wasn't all about the afterparty for me.

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Wednesday is National Prom Day, so I felt like it was only fair to highlight some of my funny prom disasters that happened to me over the course of my high school years.

1.) The "Who-To-Choose" Prom

The first prom I ever went to was with a boy that I would eventually date. The issue right from the jump regarding this dance, in particular, was that I had two other guys ask me. Now, I knew at the time that the kid I did eventually wind up choosing had a crush on me, and I, sort-of, felt bad about even playing around with the idea of choosing to go with one of the other two. However, all three were my friends. So, what did I do? Well, I pretty much just avoided the question altogether and waited until the last minute to tell them all who I was choosing to go with.

Looking back now, of course, I cringe. But, I was young and didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

2.) The "Ultra-Glittery and Pantyline Prom Dress" Prom

Talk about cringeworthy photographic evidence you wish didn't exist.... The same prom I referenced before is the one to which I wore the dress that I call the "close, but no cigar" dress. I had actually gotten it from one of my mom's friends who was SUPER tiny and about my height and weight at the time. I was 5'8 and about 130 lbs. The dress would have (key phrase there) looked spectacular had it not been for the fact that I had a pantyline from my underwear that makes me cringe whenever I see pictures from that night, even today.

3.) The "My Date Won't Dance With Me" Prom

You guessed it; same prom. I wound up going with the kid that had a crush on me. Little did I know, I wouldn't actually spend much time with him since he wasn't much of a dancer. I LOVE to dance, so when everyone else was headed to the dance floor, I wound up getting asked by someone else to dance. Yep, I went ahead and had a great time. I didn't ignore my date though; I'm not a monster. But, getting the chance to go to prom as a sophomore, I was really excited! So, I made sure to check in with my date and such while he was with his friends and then would head back out to the dance floor when the DJ turned on a jam.

4.) The "My Date's Mom Made Me Late" Prom

Now, if you know me at all, you already know I'm not always the most punctual person in the world. However, I always make it a point to be on time, early even, to special events like birthday parties, weddings, holiday gatherings, etc. I wanted to get my senior prom weekend rolling as soon as possible. My date (who was my boyfriend at the time) actually arrived to my house for pictures before his mother. We had to wait around for her because she wanted to take some pictures, too. The problem was, however, that we were expected at another friend's house for group pictures. Finally, we couldn't wait around any longer, so we just left.

Now, ^^ that one ^^ I can't really comment on because again, haven't always been known to be "early" for anything. I'm happy to report, though, that's changed a lot over the last few years!

5.) The "Earring Freak-Out" Prom

I have absolutely no explanation for this occurrence other than the fact that I had really bad anxiety at the time and was an extremely emotional teenager. I had agreed to go to my friend's junior prom with him when I was a senior. I was so excited because there was no emotional attachment at all; we were just going as friends. It was to be a super relaxed and fun night until I had a meltdown because I realized I had lost an earring and I literally felt like I was in the middle of the Atlantic City boardwalk butt-naked. Please DO NOT ask me why losing a FREAKING earring made me freak out, but it did. I even called my mom to ask if she could bring me another pair. She did.

What can I say? All my high school formals were eventful, to say the least.

Time to share your funny prom stories below:


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