Has your mom ever told you not to walk and text at the same time?

Well personally, my mom hated it when I texted while doing anything because according to her, that is how it starts.

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First you text while brushing your teeth, then you text while walking and before you know it, you are so comfortable multitasking that your eyes never leave the screen.

At first, I thought she was being over dramatic...but after seeing what I saw on Brick Boulevard in Brick, I think I can safely say she was right.

And if you keep scrolling, I will show you videos that prove just how distracting texting can be.

We've all done it but this was just...on another level.

I saw a guy riding his bike, WHILE TEXTING.

His eyes would glance up to the path in front of him every few pedals and at one point, he even had to swerve to avoid hitting a pole.

I swear to you his head was no more than two inches from slamming into that pole and my heart skipped a beat.

But even after that close call, HE CONTINUED TO TEXT.

Imagine he continued to pedal and hit the pole. Or even worse, imagine he was texting and accidentally rode his way onto the highway into oncoming traffic.

My god that would have not ended well.

There have been countless 'Don't Text  & Drive' campaigns in New Jersey, but maybe there needs to be a 'Don't Text & Multitask' campaign.

I googled 'Texting & Walking Fails' and SO MANY results popped up without me having to search that hard.

One woman even falls into a water fountain!


To this guy riding his bike on Brick Boulevard in Brick yesterday afternoon, you are lucky this whole situation did not end worse.

And for the rest of us, let's not wait until a disaster happens for us to learn our lesson.

I really just couldn't believe it.

Be careful. Stay safe. Much love.

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