Benjamin decided to go trick-or-treating after school like this. It was messy, but we made it happen. What did your kids do for Halloween? Share your pics!

So the moment my 11-year-old zombie-to-be started cutting open the blood and glue for his look (on our cream-colored carpet) I flew across the room and caught him in time to send him outside.

I dragged the mirror out, along with some cleaning supplies, for the messy project, but I think our collaboration worked pretty well. Then he went around the neighborhood limping up to houses and asking for an ambulance. Apparently he needed to deliver an Academy Award- worthy performance before holding out his bag for candy.

Aside from the rain that no one expected, and the chill in the air, our Halloween was fantastic. Seems like the crowds were at an all-time high, with no one around our neighborhood letting the weather stop them.

Snickers was the candy that more people handed out than any other where we were. When they dumped their bags upon arriving home, it was about 3-1 Snickers vs. everything else.

Tell us about your kids' Halloween!

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