From the day they first went up in Brick and in towns throughout New Jersey they've been controversial. Red light cameras. Are they keeping us safe or just an easy way for townships to make money? As that debate continues, some motorists that got ticketed may be getting some money back.

Townsquare Media

The Associated Press is reporting that nearly 500,000 motorists in 18 New Jersey towns are receiving notice about a $4.2 million settlement over tickets generated by red light cameras.

The Shabel & DeNittis law firm filed the class-action lawsuit, arguing officials failed to conduct an initial traffic study and failed to regularly inspect the devices.

Neither the towns nor American Traffic Solutions admit any wrongdoing. But the red light camera company has agreed to pay the settlement if a judge approves.

The minimum payout is $8.50, or ten cents on the dollar of the $85 ticket.

That's right. Ten cents on the dollar! Most of us would spend half of that on the trip to the back to cash the check. While the payout is laughable, some could argue it's better than nothing.

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Is this fair? Tell us what you think of red light cameras in the comment section below and take our poll.


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