So I woke up to seeing a few whispers that NASA may have added a Zodiac sign into the mix!

Well the truth is....that is false.

What NASA did do, however, is readjust the entire calendar so you may no longer be the same Zodiac sign that you originally thought you were.

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There is a much more detailed explanation HERE but don't even ask me to explain what in the heck they did to get to this conclusion.

But one new thing I did learn is that there originally was not 12 constellations, but there were 13 constellations in the zodiac!! They left out Ophiuchus which kind of threw off all of the other Zodiac signs lining up which is basically the reasoning behind this sudden Zodiac sign change.

I'm no longer a Pisces. No really, I'm fine....sort of.

Take a look at the full explanation at

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