As it turns out, you cannot block or even partially cover of the "New Jersey" or "Garden State" lettering on your license plate.

This violation is most commonly seen with the frames that can be put around license plates showing your love for your puppy or favorite professional sports team.

However, the fun is over because last year a whopping 119,427 tickets for license plate obstruction were given which can be taken one of two ways.

The first is that cops are getting a tad too strict when it comes to the rules of the road.

"I think drivers cited for covering up New Jersey or Garden State is going a little too far, but I am sure there are cops that do write for the violation," said Anthony Parenti Sr., a retired police chief and head of the New Jersey Traffic Safety Officers Association.

However, on the other end of this argument is a reasoning that is a bit more positive. When drivers are given a license plate ticket, it is because they were originally being pulled over for another reason and the cop is choosing to give them a break.

"I know this from personal experience. I know the frame on my plate was compliant. I was grateful for the officer saying slow down (and issuing a obscured plate summons)."  said Jim Appleton, New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers president.

So what do you think? Almost 120,000 tickets is A LOT and it just has me wondering why license plate frames were created in the first place.

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