We have all fallen for it.

You are cruising with your windows down and the music is blasting and you creep over the speed limit without even realizing it.

But you do realize when those red and blue lights start shining in your rearview mirror.

Well it is time to make sure you are aware because there are towns that much more likely to give you a good old speeding ticket or violation in general. All of these towns have less than 1,000 people residing and yet, have some of the highest number of tickets written in one year?

I'm telling you, better safe than sorry.

9. Barnegat Light, Ocean County

Population: 574
Violations Issued: 49

8. Bay Head, Ocean County

Population: 992
Violations Issued: 366

7. Interlaken, Monmouth County

Population: 795
Violations Issued: 446

6. Beach Haven, Ocean County

Population: 991
Violations Issued: 649

5. Mantoloking, Ocean County

Population: 340
Violations Issued: 386

4. Harvey Cedars, Ocean County

Population: 430
Violations Issued: 527

3. Loch Arbour, Monmouth County

Population: 189
Violations Issued: 419

2. Deal, Monmouth County

Population: 757
Violations Issued: 1,810

And the winner is...

1. Allenhurst, Monmouth County

Population: 486
Violations Issued: 1,671

Check out other risky driving areas in all of New Jersey at NJ.com.

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