How would you like to spend your summer traveling across the country enjoying America's pastime and eating iconic hot dogs in famous ballparks? Sounds like a pretty fun summer right? What if I told you that you could be paid to watch baseball and eat hotdogs? I thought you might be interested....and yes, you can go see your favorite team play.

I'll be honest, baseball isn't my favorite sport. I've always been more of a football guy but watching a baseball game in person and enjoying a couple of hot dogs and an ice-cold beer ranks up there with a great day. My Dad and I would go watch the Cincinnati Reds at Riverfront Stadium and even though I wasn't a huge fan there was always something special sitting in the stands, chatting with my Dad, eating a few dogs, and (once I was old enough) sipping a beer.

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If you're a huge baseball fan and a huge fan of hot dogs then this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. There's a website that reviews casinos called, and they are looking for someone that is an avid baseball fan that would be willing to travel around the country sampling and reviewing hot dogs at the stadiums that they visit. You won't get rich doing this as they are only paying you $500 and paying for all your travel and food expenses. Really, though it's not about the's about the experience.

If you want to enter go to and fill out your name, email address, location, favorite MLB team, and why you think you're the best choice for the role. The winner will be selected and contacted by Wednesday, May 5.

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