There is a program that the Brick Township Police Department wants to make sure that residents know about.

It is called the Brick, Police, Project Safe Lock and here is how it works.

Just a reminder to our residents that we have this program.

PROJECT SAFE LOCK will assist residents who, due to...

Posted by Brick Township Police Department on Monday, February 8, 2021

WHO IT IS FOR: This service is to, "assist residents, who due to advanced age, mobility, medical concerns, and other housing circumstances who may be unable to answer their door in an emergency situation." 

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SET UP: Here is the set up according to Brick Township's Police Department's Facebook Page:

"A realtor-style lock box will be mounted to a door or railing of a home. The lock box will be owned by the Brick Township Police Department. A key, supplied by the resident, is locked in the box. When an emergency exists, a responding Brick Township Police will retrieve this key by using a code which is stored in our Dispatch Center."

FOR WHAT: When an emergency takes place, an office will automatically be sent to any homes enlisted in this program to ensure that all occupants of the home can get out safely.

FOR WHO: You must meet a set of criteria to be eligible:

1. You must live alone or be alone in your home on a frequent basis

2. You must be Handicapped or have medical/physical conditions that make movement difficult

3. Whether the home owner will be accessible


• Provide a key (keys) for an entry door to the home
• Grant the Brick Twp. Police Department permission to access and use the key in an emergency. A waiver form must be completed and notarized which will be included in this application.
• If you should move, you must notify the Brick Twp. Police Department so that we may retrieve the lock box.
I personally LOVE THIS.
Let's work together to keep everyone we know safe.
If you or someone you know is interested in applying, submit an application through the Brick Township Police website: CLICK HERE. 
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