Every morning at 8 a.m. at Naval Station Earle, they raise the flag and play the "Call to Colors" and "The Star Spangled Banner." There's a similar routine daily at sunset. Some folks neighboring the base have had enough with the noise.

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It was thought that the music was coming from other residents and prompted several calls to the police. It was then determined that the sound was originating from the base.

Even so, some surrounding the base are none to happy about the early morning ritual. One man told the APP:

Why should someone not in the service have to wake up to reveille?

A Korean War veteran who has lived near the base for 55 years, told the APP that he looks forward to hearing the music each day and doesn’t feel sorry for those who might be sleeping at that time.

Play it as loud as they want.

I was willing to die for that flag.


The base is working to find "a happy medium" in the Belford and Leonardo areas.



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