Get ready for your close-up, New Jersey.

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Rumor has it, according to The Hill, Netflix is looking to turn the Fort Monmouth Army Base into a production facility. Not just any production facility, but the company's second-largest one - WOW!

Think of all the incredible shows Netflix produces - You, Nailed It, The Umbrella Academy, Orange is the New Black...I could go on and on. Chances are, you and your family have binged AT LEAST one.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Now, before I get too ahead of myself, I should mention that nothing is set in stone just yet. Netflix did submit a bid for the plan, which would have to be approved. But, you can't help but get excited about these plans, which include sound stages, post-production buildings, and backlots.

This is also an amazing opportunity for more jobs here in New Jersey, and a much-needed economic boost! Not only that, but we'll have so many amazing talents coming to the Jersey Shore (how cool would it be to run into Joe from You), and maybe we'll even discover some more homegrown talent to add to our already impressive list.

I know my vote definitely does not count here, but I say let's approve the application, and let's get this production facility up and running!

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