It's called "Springsteen and I" and our Queen of Traffic, Nancy Reamy, and her husband Chris, got to see a special advanced screening!

Chris was able to score a pair of tickets to the preview of this flick and if you heard our morning show today then you heard Nancy raving about it!

Like Nancy, I wasn't aware that a new movie was being released in our area with rare and classic footage of some of our favorite Bruce songs in concert and the love of his fans.

Nancy's husband Chris (who must have earned at least a few points with this fabulous date night!), says the movie focuses on the impact Bruce Springsteen had and continues to have on fans around the world. The movie is told from the perspective of the fans and really details their relationship with Bruce. Some have been lucky enough to meet The Boss while others have simply just felt his lyrics speak to them. They asked fans to use 3 words to describe Bruce and it was great to see some of their choices. The movie also features some great concert footage both old and new.

I can't wait to see this tribute to Bruce! And I'm so happy to see a picture of our favorite Point Morning Show Traffic gal and her husband out having fun.....even if she suffered from a lack of sleep this morning, lol!