One of my favorite things to write about is the opening of local stores and restaurants, especially after what the pandemic did to many business owners. For me, It's exciting to see passionate entrepreneurs bring something that they love to our Jersey Shore communities. If you plan to open a business or if your business is doing something unique like an event, or moving to a new location, send information to - I would love to get the word out for you!

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With that, there are two brand new businesses ready to make an impact in Red Bank, New Jersey. First, a HUGE congratulations to Scarlet Reserve Room for its recent opening on October 1st. Scarlet Reserve Room will offer the hottest new fine cigars and a high-quality CBD tasting room. Owners John Marchetti and William Rivera say their business is "one of the first public, upscale, retail 'tasting room' concepts where customers can purchase CBD and consume it in the same location." Scarlet Reserve Room is located at 3 East Front Street in Red Bank.

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Directly across the street from Scarlet Reserve Room, many Monmouth County residents are excited for Sally Boy's to be opening "this holiday season". The Sally Boy's Director of Operations, Jeff Sisco says, "The restaurant will be pizza-centric, but also offer a variety of salads, sandwiches, grain bowls, coffee, fresh-made pastries, and a coffee/ espresso bar." Sally Boy's will be located at 1 Broad Street and expect the restaurant to be open seven days a week. The building on Broad Street has been pretty much empty for almost a decade! Expect the interior design of Sally Boy's to be brand new and state of the art.

A nice little Italian market coming to Red Bank, how great is that?! So after eating a sandwich at Sally Boy's you can go test out some CBD at Scarlet Reserve Room. Exploring Red Bank is the best! Good luck to the owners of Sally Boy's and Scarlet Reserve Room, I wish you great success moving forward! - Jimmy G

Red Bank on the list?!?! It's gotta be...

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