Those pesky red light cameras that everyone has been complaining about may have met their match.

A new device that drivers can mount to their license plates will block the red light cameras, and more importantly, their tickets.

The noPhoto has a flash detector and two xenon flashes inside the license plate frame. When the camera flashes, the frame lights flash, which create an overexposed (i.e. unreadable) photo.

Unlike previous versions of this technology, noPhoto works from up to 150 feet away both night and day.

It seems to be perfectly legal too, though obviously, you shouldn't use them specifically break the law.

They're still in prototype stage, but will cost $350.

See how it works here:


I'm not a big fan of the red light cameras, but I don't know if this is a responsible answer. I think people would be way too inclined to break the law because they would feel invincible.

I'm sure they'll be made illegal soon anyway by the same powers-that-be that approved the use of the cameras in the first place.

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