Do you want the good news first? Here it is. New Jersey is not the most dishonest state in the nation according to recent research. But as always, there is some bad news, too.

If you've lived in New Jersey for more than a minute, then you know as soon as you hear about this research that there is at least one negative piece of information that will make you shake your head and roll your eyes.

And this report will not disappoint you. Although this bit of Garden State data is not as bad as a lot of others we see. It tuns out that, while New Jersey does not top the list of most dishonest states, it's a lot closer to the top of the list than the bottom.

The data was compiled by Bestlife, and it ranked the states for dishonesty based on fraud, identity theft and cyber crime reports. So, this is less about cheating husbands saying they were working late or speeding drivers telling the officer they had to go to the bathroom bad.

It's more about actual crimes. So this has nothing to do with lying. corruption or law abiding citizens, and while that is a relief, the data about crime are pretty sobering for the Garden State.

Check out some of these stats. They are bad enough to make us the 13th most dishonest states  in the nation, according to the report....

Cyber crime victims per 100.000 people...102

Identity theft victims per 100,000...205

Fraud reports per 100,000...638

Those are stats that will make you want to go check your accounts. If you feel better about knowing this dishonesty in this study is limited to criminals, don't breathe a sigh of relief yet. Another study, at Mental Floss determined that 60% of average adults can't make it through a conversation lasting 10 minutes without lying at least once.

Ouch. My solution, don't commit any crimes, protect your identity and accounts, and limit all conversations to 9 minutes. It's not a perfect plan, but it's a start.

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