This is quite a surprise and honor for Jersey Shore drivers, and all Garden State drivers for that matter. this is one of those "could have been worse" scenarios that we here in New Jersey are extremely good at. People in all the other states want to male all the good top 10 lists. Here in New Jersey, we are thrilled and relieved not to make the bottom 10 lists. And a recent publication helps us prove our own self-deprecating point.

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The good folks at Money Talks News compiled a list of the ten states with the worst drivers. If you're from New Jersey, yo know exactly where I'm going with this. You've immediately defined what a victory in this scenario looks like.

It's not the Greedy State, it's the Garden State. So we're not being greedy here. Our victory in this one would be simple. Don't make the list. And that's where the honor part comes in. we were honored by not being listed among the 10 state with the worst drivers. Woo hoo.

Those who don't live here just don't get it. We're the world capitol for tailgating, flipping the bird and cutting people off. Deep down we know we could easily be on this list. We've driven the roads. We've seen it with our own eyes. We're quietly sitting here counting our blessings.

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And we pay tribute to states like Nevada Florida, California and Mississippi for making this Garden State honor possible. It couldn't have been easy to be worse drivers than we are here at the home of the jughandle and the traffic circle. Your dedication to bad driving is impressive.

This is that weird feeling like the one you got in high school when you swore you failed a test and actually got a C or when there are 8 people ahead of you at the deli and the guy calls your number.

You feel like you got away with something, and you won't press your luck any further. just like New Jersey not making the worst drivers list. Whew!

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