Ohhhh who doesn’t LOVE Wawa?  Wawas are so convenient, well lit, clean, and always there when we need them!  Yep, Wawas check all the convenience store boxes.   We love them and now we’re getting more of them. Way more!

Is this a huge expansion or world domination?  Either way, I’m good with it!  I’m a more is more kind of girl anyway so when I found out that Wawa is planning to double its number of nationwide stores I was pleased as punch.

This will happen over eight years, so let’s exercise some patience, good things take time. I have to give them props because they are calling this expansion their “most aggressive growth plan ever” and I love a big thinker.

Exactly how many stores are opening?  Expect 1,800 locations by 2030.  We have the list of New Jersey locations on the way below.

I should bring it to your attention that Wawa makes a mean custom panini!  The crusty bread, the gooey cheese, (I add veggies too), and then they smash that puppy in their magic panini machine to create the kind of grill cheese that dreams are made of. Of course, Wawa has all the staples, the most important of which is hot and ready coffee in a plethora of flavors and variations.

They think they will be able to open about 100 locations per year and about 54 more in 2022.

These Are The New Jersey Wawa Locations Coming Soon

Here in New Jersey, we will have six more on the way.  You can expect them in:



  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5


  • 6


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