Gambling has reached an all-time high in New Jersey.

For the month of September, New Jersey gamblers bet a record-breaking $445 million on sports....and yes you read that correctly, just for September alone.

Now while this is great for the economy of New Jersey, is it really a good thing?

Yes, that number wagered is for all New Jerseyans total but that is still a colossal amount of money.

My mind immediately wonders if having online sports betting so readily available will be a problem and elicit for even more gambling addition issues in the Garden State. The number of bets has substantially increased thus far so it does look like that is where we are headed.

We have Atlantic City which is full of casinos, New Jersey Lottery tickets and scratch-off jackpot information at every place you turn AND now you can place a bet while at work because all you need is an internet connection!

Have we reached out limit? Is it already too much? Where do you stand on the gambling issue?

Cast your vote. Comment why. And hopefully everyone's gambling remains in check for the time being.

For more information on the gambling statistics in New Jersey for the month of September, head to

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