Another day, another survey that says something bad about New Jersey. Some days it's about how expensive everything is, some days it's a traffic study. And some days, the topic turns to rudeness. We are apparently among the rudest states in a recent survey, but I want to tell you why the rudeness reputation is an undeserved reputation for the Garden State.

First, let's find out the details on the rudeness study and suffer through the results of that. It was published by Zippia and it ranked every state in the nation for rudeness. How do they define rudeness? The qualifications will certainly ring a bell.

They looked at things like amount of cursing, tipping, rude driving and how rude people in other states perceive us. Uh oh. That sounds like a study we're not going to do very well in. And we didn't.

Having said that you may predict we must be a top 5 state for rudeness, and shockingly, we are not. That alone is a mini victory. But we did come close. New Jersey ranks as the 7th rudest state in the nation.

Unsplash, Maria Lysenko
Unsplash, Maria Lysenko

But I want to take a shot at contesting that. i believe that New Jersey is a place that is under constant time pressure. So much so, that we don't have time for additional words. Ever.

And we don't have the luxury of the cashier who needs to take that call from a bff before ringing us up, or the driver who just can't seem to find whatever he seems to be looking for under the passenger seat even though the light already urned green.

So, yes, we curse and beep and get frustrated more than most, but it's not rudeness. it's necessity, or as I like to say, rude-nesity.We need to get all we have to do done, and a little cooperation from the universe once in a while might help.

In conclusion, I offer that rudeness is in our nature, but getting it all done on a routine day is harder in New Jersey than anywhere else. So, let them call it rudeness. We know better.

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