It's hard to hide anything here at the Jersey Shore, but one of our top Jersey Shore attractions has actually been named New Jersey's #1 hidden gem.

I'm not sure how this amazing place ever gets classified as a hidden gem, but it was named exactly that by The Crazy Tourist. You won't believe where we're talking about. It is our beloved Jenkinson's!

Everyone I know is fully aware of the amazingness of Jenkinson's so it is not hidden to us, and if you've ever tried to find a parking space anywhere near Jenk's on a summer weekend, you're aware that it's not hidden to too many people on the planet.

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But number one is number one so we are thrilled that our friends at Jenk's are getting the love they deserve, especially heading into one of the most important Jersey Shore summers in our lifetime.

Jenkinson's finished first, ahead of places like High Point State Park and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, and that makes sense because I don't think either of those places have rides, a sweet shop, a beach and an aquarium.

The nice folks at The Crazy Tourist are under the impression that Atlantic City attractions are known to everyone and Jenk's is not, That's cute. But one trip to Point Beach on a hot summer day will probably change your mind pretty quickly!

It's still a nice honor and a nice excuse for us to show our love to a local place that means so much to us. Jenk's we love you!

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