I can’t speak for all the men out there, but as women, we have to think of our safety almost constantly. We are hard-wired to be that way and frankly it sucks. We shouldn't have to think twice before taking a jog without a tracking device or walking back to our car at night.  It is important that you know what just happened to Erin Mimms so it does not happen to you or anyone you love.

This sends chills down to my bones.  You would think it would be OK to be out on a date with your husband in broad daylight at a very public restaurant for your birthday dinner. However, Erin Mimms was in grave danger after touching what she found on her car.  

Erin came back to her vehicle after eating at her local taco spot to find a napkin stuffed in her car door handle.  Honestly, it did not look threatening, it just looked like someone was playing a prank or was just too lazy to walk to the garbage can.

Erin plucked the napkin out with her finger nails and removed it.  She then felt funny about touching the garbage and went back inside the restaurant to wash her hands.  By then she started feeling her fingertips tingle and go numb.  Next, she lost use of her arm and she felt like she was going to pass out.  Her husband had to race her to the hospital and then watch as she fought for her life.

If you see anything on your car that you did not put there yourself DO NOT TOUCH IT.  Call the police right away and reference this story.  Officials feel that this was a kidnapping attempt because if Erin had touched the napkin more directly, then she certainly would have lost consciousness.  There were other people in that parking lot who experienced the same laced napkin stuffed in their door handles as well.

Please share this with everyone you know to spread Erin's message to stay safe.

Erin smartly posted her story on social media to warn others.  Here is what happened in her own words:

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You can read more about the story on Yahoo.com here.


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