New Jersey is the home of "left rights" and jughandles. If you are from NJ you know that there is very seldom a place that you can actually turn left on a highway to get to your destination. Not to mention missing your turn and having to make a U-Turn using a jug handle, a mile down the road and completely out of your way.

In my travels to other states down the east coast, I have to say, there is no place like NJ! Going shopping is always a chore and I always have to plan extra time for my drive time especially in Toms River on Hooper Avenue by the Target. If I want to go across the street to Michael's I have to turn right out of Target, drive about a quarter of a mile up Hooper Avenue then take a jughandle to come back and turn into that shopping center. Super annoying!

That will change though. Plans are in the works to start development in spring of 2018 on that exact area. There will be a new traffic signal with an open median allowing for traffic on both sides to either go straight across or...wait for it....turn left! Could this be a dawn of a new day? Now the rest of the state needs to jump on the left turn bandwagon!

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