Ever feel like you're playing 'catch up' with all the bills, like you want to cry every time you fill your car up, or like the idea of actually being able to retire some day seems so far off it may never really happen?

Turns out we're still in better shape than most of the country when it comes to money.

Flickr user Mambo'Dan

According to financial news outlet 24/7 Wall St., New Jersey ranks 2nd when it comes to the richest states, with a median household income of $69,667.

We lost out to only Maryland, whose median household income is $71,122.

Rounding out the top 5 were Alaska, Connecticut, and Hawaii.

While New Jersey does have the 5th highest unemployment rate at 9.5%, we have the 5th lowest percentage of people below the poverty line, at 10.8%.

As for the poorest states? Mississippi takes the title, with a median income of $37,095 and 24.2% of people below the poverty line. The next poorest states are Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, and Kentucky.

I'm sure our higher cost of living is related to our higher salaries, so I wonder what this list would look like if we leveled the playing field in that regard.

Even still, I suppose we should be happy with our standing on this list, but I just can't help but feel that even as the 2nd richest state, financial burdens are a problem for everyone.

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