New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) is making waves in environmental conservation through its Coastal Climate Initiative, a collaborative effort with The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey. With over 60 years of experience safeguarding water and lands, The Nature Conservancy plays a pivotal role in restoring saltwater tidal wetlands in the iconic Barnegat Bay region.

Why Barnegat Bay Matters

The salt marsh islands in Barnegat Bay and along the New Jersey shore are more than just picturesque landscapes. They act as essential "carbon sinks," actively absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and securely storing it beneath the ground. By doing so, they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute significantly to the state's emissions reduction targets.

Climate Resilience and Coastal Protection

These coastal marshes also serve as natural buffers against the impacts of climate change, lessening the force of storm surges and providing invaluable protection to New Jersey's coastal communities. Preserving and restoring these vital ecosystems is a priority in NJR's mission to combat climate change and ensure a sustainable future.

Barnegat Bay
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How You Can Make an Impact

Through the Coastal Climate Initiative, NJNG customers can actively participate in this vital conservation effort. By opting for a simple, on-bill donation option, you can directly support The Nature Conservancy's efforts in salt marsh restoration and preservation. NJR will match each customer's donation dollar for dollar, up to an impressive annual total of $50,000. Rest assured, 100% of your generous donations go directly to The Nature Conservancy.

Join NJNG in the Effort

Donating is easy and impactful. Simply visit to contribute to the Coastal Climate Initiative. With your support, we can continue protecting Barnegat Bay's precious ecosystems and making a lasting difference in the fight against climate change.

Support Vulnerable Seniors in Monmouth and Ocean Counties

Established in 1988, SCAN (Senior Citizens Activity Network) provides classes, events, and resources for adults 55 and older in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Their Benefit Enrollment Center (BEC) provides assistance to low-income seniors to make sure they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled, such as Medicare, prescription drug assistance, utilities, and SNAP benefits. To learn more or donate, visit

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