New Jersey unfortunately has made some lists that all of us who love our state wish we hadn't made, but this time we didn't make a list we don't want to be on.

According to, New Jersey is not among the top 10 states in America when it comes to smoking addiction. But some facts out of the states that did make the top 10 are surprising and some are downright shocking.

For instance, in Alabama, smoking is still permitted in the workplace, restaurants and bars, and among kids between 9th and 12th grade, the percentage of kids smoking is almost 23%.

The state with the highest rate of high school smokers is Kentucky,where farmers grew 150 million pounds of tobacco in 2012.

In Mississippi, smoking is banned on college campuses and in government buildings, but is allowed in day care facilities.

In West Virginia, they have the second highest rate of adult smokers with 28.6%. The average citizen of West Virginia buys 113 packs of cigarettes a year.

The article did not publish exact rankings, so we don't know where New Jersey wound up, but at least we know it's not in the top 10...for a change.