You know what's great about the New Jersey Devils? Nobody calls them the New York Devils. No disrespect to our friends in the Big Apple, but it's nice to have a team that belongs exclusively to the Garden State.

New Jersey and New York fans happily share the Giants and Jets...well, mostly. Sure, fans from NY have to travel to NJ to see them, and fans from NJ have to look at that NY on the helmet, but we love the team, so we deal.

It's different with the Devils though. When Garden State fans watch the Devils, we see that NJ on Martin Brodeur's goalie mask and we love it! They play in New Jersey and their name is New Jersey. Nice!

And tonight the Devils continue their quest for the championship as they play game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals at the Prudential Center. Hey Devils, we're proud of you! Go New Jersey!

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