The day could be coming when New Jerseyans will have to suck it up and pump their own gas! I’ve been living in New Jersey since I was born and don’t know a life with pumping gas.

To be honest, I’m not even entirely sure if I 100% am confident doing it myself, which is sad. I got gas in PA once and had to look at a Youtube video, it was mortifying.



It’s been a rule in New Jersey for a long time that most gas stations are full-service, so I don’t really think I’m alone. There were only a few states in the entire country that have full-service gas stations including New Jersey and Oregon.

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Now, Oregon has officially passed a state bill that allows self-service options at every gas station according to, leaving New Jersey to be the only state in the country where drivers don’t pump their own gas.

 Is it illegal for drivers to pump their own gas in New Jersey?


Yes, it’s actually a law that drivers cannot pump their own gas in New Jersey. It’s seen as a fire hazard because gas is so flammable, according to

Of course, this makes everyone wonder if this will be a thing of the past in New Jersey. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before they do away with this law and join the rest of the states in allowing drivers to pump their own gas.

Selfishly, I would love to keep full-service stations an option for convenience purposes, but when you’re in a hurry sometimes pumping the gas yourself could save a ton of time. I guess we’ll see in due time if New Jersey will hop on the self-service gas pump trend!

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