There is a very strong New Jersey connection to the highest grossing Christmas movie ever. You already know what we're talking about, don't you?

If you do, great. If you don't you're probably going to kick yourself for not knowing this one. But don't worry. Our job is to lead you to the correct answer, and that is exactly what we intend to do.

First, let's get you to name the movie. Once you do that, the rest is going to be pretty easy. So here are some details about this huge Christmas blockbuster...

This movie was #1 at the box office for 12 weeks, well past the Christmas season at the box office.

This blockbuster movie was released almost exactly 30 years ago, on November 16, 1990 to be exact.

The final box office total for this movie worldwide (which is not adjusted for inflation) is a mind boggling $476 million dollars. (the precise number is $476.68 million according to Forbes).

The movie was a really hysterical comedy, which also had a sequel, which came out in 1992, which itself wound up becoming the 5th highest grossing Christmas film of all time. 

How are you doing so far? Did we give you enough info to get this one right? We think we did. If you don't know it buy now, you probably won't get it. So, lets save you a headache and just tell you. We're talking about Home Alone and Home Alone 2.

So the New Jersey connection is easy. We're talking about Newark born, and long time Lavallette home owner (who hasn't driven by the house, right) Joe Pesci. Harry Lime will go down in history as one of the biggest character names in Christmas movie history, and the man behind the character is a New Jersey guy!

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