There is one thing everyone in New Jersey can agree on is that we can't agree on anything here in the Garden State. So why should New Jersey's top Thanksgiving recipe be any different.

It turns out that even a simple question, like what is our favorite Thanksgiving recipe isn't easy at all. We checked with three different sources, and got three completely different answers.

We'll give you all the conclusions we came across during our research and let you come to your own decision...or maybe you can enter your own in the comment section...

Taste of Home. They chose a Pumpkin Pie Custard recipe from Nancy in Cape May Courthouse. Cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg are just a handful of the ingredients you'll need for this delicious recipe.

Eat This, Not That. Here's one you may never have heard of before. It's Hot Pork Roll & Cheese Dip. That sounds very Jersey delicious doesn't it? Leave it to us to get pork roll into Thanksgiving. Check out the full recipe. This is much closer to home for me. I love the turkey and stuffing etc, but I'm with Bring me some Italian meatballs!

And while we're on the topic, I want to talk about the traditional Thanksgiving lasagna. For me and my family, the Thanksgiving lasagna is, dare I say, as important as the turkey. As a matter of fact, throughout my childhood and whole life, only the most prepared, well trained eaters were even remotely hungry by the time the turkey came out.

We used to groan when we saw the turkey entering the dining room knowing that the Thanksgiving stomach Motel and Lodge had no vacancy. But don't get me wrong. We ate it anyway!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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