A new study has narrowed down the most popular types of wine in every state. Here's what it revealed about New Jersey.

I can say that, as a resident of the Garden State, this research is spot on. The kind of wine NJ as a whole tends to prefer over all others is exactly what I reach for.

Based on search data from Google Trends, thewaycroft.com analyzed user interest in popular types of wine across the country. What the data shows is that much of America prefers a sweeter varietal.

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The Top 3 most-searched wine types were found to be:

1. Moscato

2. Pinot Grigio

3. Rieseling

Kelsey Knight/Unsplash
Kelsey Knight/Unsplash

Only New Jersey uncorks a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon more than any other wine. That's our #1 wine, according to the data. Cab Sauv is MY PERSONAL FAVE. I think the choice is a reflection of just how deep, dark, mysterious, and full-bodied can actually be. NJ offers a bit more intrigue and depth than we're given credit for, and that's how sipping on a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon can feel.

As for other parts of the United States, down south in states like Alabama and Arkansas, folks there prefer a wine type called Muscadine (reportedly a sweet wine that can be white, red, or pink), while Ohio and Oklahoma like Ice Wine (a type of dessert wine made from grapes that are frozen while still on the vine).

courtesy The Waycroft via Go Fish Digital
courtesy The Waycroft via Go Fish Digital

Interestingly, out in California, WINE COUNTRY, the most-searched wine type there is a Zinfandel. And, Rose only popped up in Washington, D.C.

See the full study here.

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