So who are the highest-paid professionals in New Jersey? A well-known website called Zippia dug in deep for data to see what the top ten highest-paying careers are in 2023.  If you’ve been thinking about a change, here’s where the smart money is.

The Highest Paying Careers In 2023

How incredible would it be to double or triple your current salary? I always tell my kids to make sure when they are selecting their careers, they look at a comprehensive list of the highest-paying jobs first.  Then, I recommend that they see if any of those get their interest.  So often we tell kids to "pick what they are passionate about" which on paper could work out but why not see if you could be passionate about something on the big-earner list?  Makes sense right?

I totally understand the concept of "if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life" but frankly, not everyone can love what they do.  It is not possible.  Sometimes people have to do jobs that are necessary but not sexy.  We all need garbage removal, don't we?  Where would we be without sanitation workers? So, there is something to be said about doing your work and using your off time for your passions and not the other way around.

Here is an example, my cousin is a successful sales rep.  He makes a wonderful living and says that he likes his job just fine but he was not "born to do it". He jokes he was born to play golf when the workday is done.  Somewhere down the line, we made our lives into a rom-com where we all have to be in love with our careers in order to be happy.

Let me ask you this...if your job was safe, pleasant, and had great benefits...if it was stable, and if paid well, would you be satisfied? Some people would say no because it is not their passion. I used to be one of those people but at the end of the day, providing for yourself and your loved ones and then being able to afford memory-making moments is enviable.

Just consider this, you can make your job your passion, or you can fund your passions with your job.  It stands to reason that making your job your passion means years of sacrifice to possibly "make it" and that can waste many income years when you could be climbing up the ladder. If your passions could be funded by your great career, you may just have it all.

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