There are quite a few schools at the Jersey Shore that have confirmed at least one positive COVID-19 case.

As a result, a lot of schools are switching back to an all-virtual set up.

One of those schools is New Monmouth Elementary School who just extended their all-remote instruction.

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Originally, the school was hoping to reopen on October 7th but now that has been extended until October 14th after two new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed.

One of these confirmed cases came from Middletown Highschool North and the other was from the River Plaza Elementary School.

"Temporarily pivoting to virtual instruction is not a step we take lightly, but one that is necessary in order to guard against the spread of COVID-19 at New Monmouth School," said Superintendent Marry Ellen. "The decision to close the school building until October 14 aligns with NJ Department of Health COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for Local Health Departments for K-12 Schools."

As of now, the hope is that students at New Monmouth Elementary School can return for in-person instruction on October 14th but that decision can obliviously change if more COVID-19 cases are confirmed.

"The health, safety, and well-being of our school community remains our first priority, and we are confident that the staff at New Monmouth Elementary School will continue to provide creative and engaging lessons for all students while they are working remotely," said Walker.

Let's buckle down and get through this so we don't get a second wave because I think we can all agree the sooner we get our kids back to school TO STAY, the better.

But everyone's health must come first.

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