2020 is not only the start of a new year, but the beginning of a new decade. 100 years ago, the brand for the decade was the "Roaring 20's," complete with flappers, the growing popularity of jazz music and people dancing the Charleston. So what is our brand as we welcome the "20's era? Instead of the "Roaring 20's," are we the "Raging 20's?" Seems as if so many people are off the charts angry about different issues these days. Perhaps we should work towards an attitude adjustment for the new decade. A good start might be to plan a series of attainable New Year's Resolutions that will result in personal success and overall happiness. Here are some suggestions:

1. use an APP that will help you customize a reasonable budget to help you save money
2. make your screentime a scheduled activity to help set limitations with social media and binge watching
3. reduce your intake of unhealthy foods by treating them as a small reward rather than a basic food group
4. replace some of your tchochkes with indoor plants as studies show caring for plants may calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure
5. vacate from your life and plan an affordable vacation, perhaps a long weekend road trip
6. take naps, exercise and drink plenty of quality, fruit infused water
7. give the music a rest for your cardio routine and try an audiobook on the treadmill
8. volunteer for a nonprofit that needs your assistance and enjoy the intrinsic reward
9. resolve conflicts ethically by taking ownership of your thoughts and feelings
10. cancel out the clutter by getting rid of the items you no longer need.

These are only 10 tips of so many minor adjustments we can make in our daily lives, which might put us in a better mood. Our more pleasant disposition will have a positive effect on the relationships we have with others. Click RESOLUTIONS for more tips on creating the "Rewarding 20's."

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