Story by Tommy Lynch:

Since my mom took me to my first opening day in April 1971 at Yankee Stadium, it's always been kind of a tradition to bring in the spring.  It's the beginning of all good things and it seems like everyone is out of work or school for the day, kind of like an unwritten holiday.

I remember Opening Day of '76 was really warm.  In '78 we threw Reggie bars on the field.  In '81 it rained and in '89 it was really cold.  In 1996 it actually snowed!

It doesn't matter the weather or how good your team is going to be that day or that year, it's just a really special day to get together with friends and celebrate something really good - an unofficial American holiday: opening day of the baseball season!

Check out photos from Opening Day 2017:

What's your favorite Opening Day memory?

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