While this small piece of information may seem useless now, it may save you from a heart-breaking experience in the future.

New York Mom, Elizabeth Dominguez, had her newborn torn from her hands shortly after giving birth because she failed a urine test that she took when she arrived at the hospital which proved that that opiates were in her system -- or so everyone thought.

Child protective services were called once the results of the test came back and Elizabeth's newborn, Carter, was held at the hospital for observation of withdrawal symptoms while Dominguez was sent home without her baby.

Well it turns out, Dominguez had eaten a poppy seed bagel earlier that day which caused the mother's test to come back positive because poppy seeds come from the opium plant.

Once everyone realized why the test had come back positive, Elizabeth was immediately reunited with her newborn.

Can you imagine having your newborn baby torn from your arms unrightfully so? I, personally, would have turned into a sobbing version of the hulk.

So, moral of the story: if you are planning on taking a drug test, save the poppy seed bagel for another day.

Elizabeth, I hope you are okay after the rather chaotic delivery of your son, Carter and I am just glad everyone is okay.

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