During the summer of 2021, myself, my sister and my mom order a round of mojitos at the outdoor bar at the Crabs Claw Inn in Lavallette.

As we sipped, we watched this giddy piano player hit on those keyboards happy as can be --- kind of like a kid on Christmas morning.

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"You have got to go introduce yourself to that guy," my sister said. "Come on DJ. Network."

I sprung into action, handed him my business card and introduced myself.

That is when I met the local pianist, arranger and social media influencer known as NGXB.


What do those letters stand for? His name: Nicholas George Xavier Blum.

He has a degree in piano performance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and has garnered a combined total of over 1,000,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram.

This guy is exquisite at what he does.

He plays at restaurants, bars, clubs, private parties and most recently has been welcomed at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square as well as Ocean Casino, Caesers and Harrah's in Atlantic City.

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In case you missed it, I had NGXB come out to the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio last Friday.

He revealed he practices between 4 and 6 hours per day and is playing SOMEWHERE on the East Coast every Wednesday through Sunday.

He also put on quite the performance.

Let's just say we put him to the test. I say an artist's name who we play on 94.3 The Point and we see if he can play one of their songs on the fly.

People were stopping in their tracks on the boardwalk to watch this guy play:

If you are itching to see him perform in person -- which you should before he makes it big -- mark October 8th in your calendars because he has something special coming up.

He has yet to drop all the details but we were lucky enough to get SOME of the information out of him.

Wait, I am still not done.

I, Nicole Murray, will be performing on August 19th for Seaside Height's Broadway on the Beach. (Franklin Avenue stage; 6:30 PM; See you there)

Who knew, right?

Well there is still another piece to the puzzle I have not revealed until now:

NGXB and myself will be performing a piece together at Broadway on the Beach! We both will also be doing solo numbers.

If you like what you just saw, show NGXB some love!

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Hit him up if you are looking for a live performer and visit his website to see where he is playing near you.

How can so much talent fit into one person? I am not quite sure. I'm just hear to enjoy it.

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