If you are getting married, you may want to start saving. New Jersey is among the most expensive places in the country to get married according to 2013 numbers from TheKnot.com.

Tom Merton, Getty Images

In New Jersey, the northern and central parts of the state ranked third on the list where the average cost of a wedding was $51,287.

The price dips considerably though in South Jersey, where the average cost of a wedding was $38,000. "South Jersey still tops the chart for top 25 most expensive places in the country to get married, but it's number 12," said Jamie Miles, editor of TheKnot.com.

Manhattan was number one on the list where the average cost of a wedding was $86,916. Idaho was the least expensive at $16,159. Nationwide, the average cost of a wedding last year was $29,858, which was the highest since TheKnot.com started keeping track.

Where are couples spending most of their money? The venue is usually where a good portion of the money goes. On average, couples spent $13,385 on a venue in 2013, which was up slightly from 2012.

"People are spending more on everything in general with the exception of favors, invitations and cake. Those are the only areas where people are spending less compared to the year before," Miles said.

Spending per guest is up to an average of $220, up from $26 per guest in 2009.

"Basically, couples are more interesting in spending money on the overall experience. Not only are they paying for fantastic catering and a beautiful reception hall, but they're also paying money for rehearsal dinners, morning after brunches and transportation for their guests to and from the ceremony," Miles said. "Ironically, the actual number of guests is down, but the amount people are paying to entertain their guests is up. It's more and more about creating a unique and personalized experience for the guests so it'll be a memorable wedding."

If the trend continues, couples are expected to continue spending in 2014, according to Miles.