A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest occasions in a couple's life...a day solely about two people coming together and professing their love and commitment to each other.

Of course during a wedding, any number of things could go wrong and stop the ceremony...but you rarely expect it to come from the officiating priest!

As the ceremony is being filmed, we see the cleric in mid-ceremony, and after he pauses, hear a few clicks from the photographer's camera...all seems pretty standard...until the priest turns around and says, 'Please, sirs, leave.'


After seeing what I'm sure was a confused look on the photographer's face, he continues to tell them to leave, berating them because 'this is a solemn assembly, not a photography session.'

Of course the bride and groom are left to awkwardly stare at each other as this is all happening, trying to figure out what to do, and the priest says, 'Please move, or I will stop...this is not about the photography, this is about God.'

Eventually you see the camera start to pan over as the cameraman clearly stops filming.

Awkward for all involved.

In that moment, it was not at all about God, as the priest seemed to have made that wedding about himself.

Yes, a wedding is a serious occasion, and the ceremony is certainly more important than the photos, but were the camera clicks really all that distracting? Every wedding I've been to has had a professional photographer and videographer snapping away as EVERYTHING is happening.

I'd even be more understanding if they were in church, but this was an outdoor ceremony...if a bird started chirping too loudly, would he stop for that too?

Perhaps the bride and groom should have discussed it with the priest beforehand, but who even thinks about that sort of thing? I'm very curious about what they thought of the whole thing!

(h/t The Knot)

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