We are BACK baby!!

This past Memorial Day Weekend, I was a social butterfly and it was refreshing.

It was fun but yes, it was crowded and I have the proof.

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But while I was on said adventure, I saw a sign on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk that ended with me shrieking "WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!"....kinda like word vomit.

Take a look:


Bruh.....this is not cool.

I have always been on the fence on being charged to go on our beaches but now I understand the need for it because of the cost of lifeguards, security and beach maintenance.

To go to the bathroom? I have to pay to do a natural, bodily function that I can't really control?

I get the bathrooms need cleaning but SHEESH....

Now there are a few issues here:

When it comes to food, desserts or even alcohol....it is not like I NEED those things to survive so I can control how much I get during a boardwalk visit and therefore, I can also control how much I spend.

If I were a visitor, I don't know if I would want to return to a boardwalk that is going to nickel and dime me this much.

But when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Now is $3.00 going to break the bank? No.

But if you are on the beach drinking water all day to stay hydrated, of course a bathroom trip is in order.

Not to mention, a Mom having to pay $15 each time the entire family has to use the restroom is beyond unnecessary.

And of course, if you are drinking alcohol and "break the seal," you know there will be multiple trips.

I get that the Jersey Shore's prime revenue season is only three to four months long so we have to make the most of it.

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But I do believe that this is the perfect example of going too far.

What's next? Charging for boardwalk entrance overall? For a breathe of fresh air?

Please tell me you agree!

And whether you do or don't, you know where to send your thoughts: Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

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