There are so many great food towns in New Jersey, but the one a major publication chose as the best might surprise you.

Several might pop into your mind when you think of great food towns in the Garden State. There are so many to choose from.

New Jersey's Top Foodie Towns

The first two towns that I thought of were Asbury Park and Jersey City. Maybe they are on your list, too.

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These are great food towns, but the foodie experts at the well-respected Lovefood chose to name a town that might not be one of the first you think of as the best foodie town in New Jersey.

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They chose Collingwood as the best in the state. This town, just outside Philadelphia can celebrate a nice title, and a well-deserved one also.

Collingswood Has Amazing Restaurants

We want to acknowledge all of the other amazing food towns in New Jersey, including Jersey City and Asbury Park, but certainly not limited to those towns. We are very lucky to be surrounded by great food and outstanding restaurants all over New Jersey.

If you decide to visit Collingswood for an incredible meal, there are some restaurants you could check out.

Oasis Mexican Grill, Sagami, and Zeppoli are just some of the great restaurants in and around Collingswood highlighted in a recent NJ Monthly article, and they all sound great.

Whichever restaurant you choose in Collingswood, we are sure you'll enjoy it. After all, you'll be eating in the most exciting foodie town in New Jersey.

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