Are you in need of some extra cash? Do you plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine anyway?

Then maybe you should look to apply at one of the companies listed below.

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A lot of New Jersey companies are starting to offer their employees cash incentives to go and get that COVID-19 Vaccine.

Some are offering to pay employees for the time they would need to take off to get the vaccine while others are simply offering a cash bonus.

Let's take a look and see which place works best for you:

These Jersey Shore Companies Are Offering Employees Cash Incentives To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine 2021

I am not saying this perk should be the only reason you apply for a job somewhere....but if you are in need of money and you had planned to get the vaccine as soon as you can anyways, it seems like a pretty good fit.

A lot of these chains are grocery stores that could also use extra help so just take a look at their website and apply!

Good luck and stay safe all!

Take a look at the original sources for this article HERE and HERE.

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