By the Summer of 2019, a new law is requiring New Jersey residents to update their current driver's license to what officials are calling REAL IDs.

This change rolled out after 9/11 but all states in the USA have not made the change yet so federal guidelines have declared that all states must be compliant by 2020.

Once the switch to REAL ID  is finalized, people will not be able to fly on domestic flights using their current driver's licenses.

However, MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton does think that there are advantages for New Jersey being one of the later states to update IDs including alerting the public ahead of time to avoid an absurd amount of volume flocking to the DMV agencies.

“One of the advantages of being a little bit later than other states is we’ve been able to learn from their issues and their challenges,” Fulton said. “Everybody who’s launched REAL ID experiences a dramatic spike in volume in the agencies."

US Passports are already REAL ID compliant and will not need to be updated as part of this policy change.

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