One thing New Jersey residents can always be proud of is the food in this state. We love eating it, cooking it, and buying it at our favorite Garden State restaurant.

And now a major publication has determined the food we are most proud of here in New Jersey and we wonder if you agree with it.

Do You Agree That This Is The Food New Jersey Is Most Proud Of?

We all know what it’s going to be. Of course, it’s pork roll, according to A Piece of Rainbow. And that’s where I have a problem. Can we all agree that we’ve gone overboard with the pork roll thing?

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Yes, we are proud of pork roll, and we love pork roll, but to limit our pride to one breakfast meat when there are so many great New Jersey foods to be proud of is a little shortsighted.

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Just the New Jersey pizza industry alone should be up in arms over a statement like this. Our pizza rivals any in the nation, including the mighty New York pizza, so why wouldn't we be most proud of that?

Aren't We Proud of New Jersey Italian Food?

Or how about the most authentic Italian food this side of, well, Italy? No state does Italian food better. Are we saying we're more proud of our pork roll than we are of our meatballs?

Technically, the article is saying pork roll is the food we are most famous for in New Jersey, but the same argument applies.

I don't want you to think I have anything against pork roll. I love it, but somebody has to stick up for a nice authentic slice, or a good chicken parmigiana, right?

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