Few words invoke more fear than identity theft, and the rankings for the states with the most identity theft are out. So, how did New Jersey do?

If you live in New Jersey, you should be vigilant regarding identity theft. The Garden State is among the states with the highest incidences of identity theft, according to a study reported at ID Strong.

How Does New Jersey Rank For Identity Theft?

The data reveals that New Jersey ranks #10 in the nation for identity theft, and that is problematic for all Garden State residents.

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That means New Jersey has more identity theft than our other tri-state neighbors. New York is behind us at #11 and Pennsylvania comes in at #15.

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The data reveals that reported ID thefts in New Jersey surpassed 18,000 and we have 205 reports per 100,000 residents.

Which States Have The Highest Identity Theft Statistics?

The state that has the highest ID theft reports is Georgia, with Florida right behind at #2, and in third is California.

Statistics from AARP say that in 2023, about 50 million people were affected by identity theft, and it cost them approximately $43 billion.

The experts continue to say that the ID Theft problem continues to grow across the nation and that criminals continually have their eyes on bigger targets with larger payouts for them.

Experts say freezing your credit, using different passwords for every account, and using multifactor identification are some of the ways you can lessen your chances of being a victim.

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