New Jersey has had its share of amazing inventions from inventors right here in the Garden State, and some experts have named their choice for the single best invention to ever come out of New Jersey.

While it's pretty obvious what this might be, there is no doubt there are plenty of great New Jersey-based inventions to choose from. But, if you're a fan of the lightbulb, be prepared to be disappointed.

New Jersey's Best Invention

So, when it came to Lovemoney's decision of which is the best invention in New Jersey history, it may have been a bit more of a challenge than you might imagine.

You might be surprised to find out it's not Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulb, although that certainly was a big one. So what New Jersey invention topped the light bulb?

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The bar code was also invented in New Jersey, and since Atlantic City was the first boardwalk, we kind of invented that, too, but neither of those is it.

New Jersey Has Had Some Great Inventions

New Jersey is also home to the invention of condensed canned soup, and bubble wrap, too, but again neither is the choice for top New Jersey invention.

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With summer officially just around the corner, you're going to be extra proud of this invention. That, by the way, is a major clue.

The top invention to come out of New Jersey, according to this report, is air conditioning, invented in the early 1900s by an engineer named Willis Carrier in his factory in Newark.

Just think about how many times this summer you will make that noise of relief when you exit a hot, humid 96-degree day and enter an air-conditioned room. Thank you, Mr. Carrier, for New Jersey's most important invention.

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