Picture this: you just busted your butt through finals and finished up your most recent semester at college. Well, ,there is no break because now you have to figure out your Summer employment situation.

Well lucky Kristopher Chrysanthopoulos, a 20-year-old student from Oceanport in Monmouth County, solved his summer job issue in the matter of seconds.

When he checked his Mega Millions ticket -- which sat in his wallet for a few days by the way -- he realized that he matched five out of the five white balls drawn!

That means that Mr. Chrysanthopoulos is $1,000,000 richer!

He purchased the winning ticket at The Mart on 590 Shrewsbury Ave in Tinton Falls in Monmouth County!

The generous man that he is said that he plans on taking his family on a trip and then saving the rest for his future. Smart man.

For more information, head to NJLottery.com.

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