If you ever left the Garden State permanently, what would be the one thing you'd miss the most?

Every one of us in New Jersey has reached a point of frustration that made us want to move out of the state for one reason or another.

What Would You Miss The Most If You Left New Jersey?

Many have left over the years, and more people are departing New Jersey than ever before.

But when you leave the Garden State, there are things you will inevitably miss about this unique state.

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There are many things to love about New Jersey and stuff you can get here you might not be able to find on the greener pastures of another state.

New Jersey Residents Would Miss A Lot

We thought it would be interesting to ask current New Jersey residents what they'd miss the most if they left the state and the answers were varied.

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There were a few answers that led the way with the most votes, and we wanted to share the top 3 with you.

We knew the list would be food-oriented, and it certainly was. But food was not the only thing on the minds of New Jersey residents.

Here Are The Top Three Things We'd Miss About New Jersey

#3 Diners. We are the diner capital of the world, so this answer makes perfect sense. It's almost surprising it came in at #3.

#2 Absolutely Nothing. We had a good chuckle with this one. It's hard to deny that a lot of people in New Jersey

#1 Pizza. Of course, it's pizza. As it should be. We have the greatest pizza in the world. Who wouldn't miss it?

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