A New Jersey mother was savagely beaten in front of her young son as onlookers simply looked on and filmed the incident, never once attempting to help.

*Warning: The video contains graphic images and NSFW language.*

The video shows as a woman repeatedly punches the victim in the face as she lies on the ground, and then kicks her in the back.

NJ.com reports the suspect was identified as 25-year-old Latia Harris of Salem, writing, '[Police] said the victim said a woman named 'Tia' who works at McDonald's assaulted her and "accused her of spreading rumors about her and her manager."'

The victim's two-year-old son is seen trying to help his mom by kicking Harris, who at one point in the video says, 'You better get your son before I kick him in the f---- face.'


I don't know if it's worse that this individual is severely beating this mother in front of her child, or that out of all the people who stood around to watch, not one person had the courage or decency to try to stop the fight, or the good sense to get the child out of harm's way.

They all made sure to capture it on their cell phones though.

The victim was later taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police are still looking for Harris.

Earlier this month, I read about a deadly car crash in Texas, where an off-duty police officer tried to help a couple trapped in a burning car, hoping someone around would have a fire extinguisher or something that could save them. A crowd of onlookers had gathered to watch, most with cell phones out, taking photos and videos as the couple burned to death.

Why are we more interested in capturing the footage than helping people in need? Perhaps no one else wanted to face Harris's wrath, or maybe they were somehow on her side.

Regardless, that little boy shouldn't have been subjected to it. He certainly did nothing wrong, and shouldn't have had to see his mother beaten that way.

I'm certainly not helping the cause by sharing this video, but it so perfectly illustrates my point. All those people standing there, and not one person stepped in?

It's sad, frightening, and unbelievable...and not a single one of those bystanders will change until they are the ones suffering as others merely look on.

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