Yes, it's summer, but it's always a good time to crown this year's most haunted place in New Jersey.

There are plenty of stories of haunted places all over the Garden State, but a major publication has named the most haunted place in New Jersey.

The Most Haunted Place In New Jersey

The source of this creepy title is a very well-respected publication that people read all over the country.

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Country Living has revealed what they consider to be the most haunted place in the whole state, and here's what they think.

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When you hear about this place, you're going feel that tingle go up your spine, and you're certainly going to get a little closer to someone you love.

New Jersey's Most Haunted Building Is In Trenton

The place that has been named the most haunted spot in New Jersey is the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, and there are some frightening stories from that building.

The story goes that the director of the facility used to believe that removing organs would help patients with mental issues and he used to perform those surgeries without the use of anesthesia.

Word has it that you can still hear the screams in the hallway to this day. And, yes, this 450-room facility is still in use.

There are tons of stories about haunted places centered around Cape may as well, so if you're in search of haunted places, you shouldn't have trouble finding one.

Notorious Haunted Places In Monmouth & Ocean Counties

The Most Horrifically Haunted Places in New Jersey

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