New Jersey has been ranked as one of the states with the most visitors in the nation. This will come as no shock to anyone in the Garden State living in a beach town.

New Jersey is well known across the nation as one of the great summer destinations, and according to recent data published by Arizona Family, New Jersey is among the most visited states in the U.S.A.

How High Does New Jersey Rank On The Most Visited State List?

If you ever tried to get to the Jersey Shore in the summer, our ranking may strike you as a little low, since we rank as the 11th most visited state in America.

When you think about it, however, the 11th spot on the list is pretty impressive, since the New Jersey tourist season is a relatively short one.

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Had we had 1% more people in America reported that they had visited the Garden State, we would have cracked the top 10.

New Jersey Just Missed The Top 10

As it stands, the 40% of Americans who say they have visited New Jersey place us in a tie with Tennessee for #11 on the list.

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The top 5 most visited states in America, from 5 to 1, are Pennsylvania, Texas, California, New York, and Florida, which topped the list on the strength of 61% of US residents saying they have visited the Sunshine State.

For New Jersey residents, it won't feel like we're #11 when we're sitting on the Garden State Parkway on a hot summer Saturday.

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